Ritalin is a prescription drug that if used as prescribed, will be beneficial. However, there is a possibility of the user experiencing side effects, namely if the drug is taken for non-medicinal purposes. The side effects of this drug are minor and many people tend to tolerate them quite well. They don’t need medical attention. They can be easily treated by you or a healthcare provider.

Ritalin is used to treat patients with ADHD and ADD symptoms. It is a stimulant drug that is known to make the brain alert causing the user to concentrate better. This drug is common among teenagers in schools and colleges. Most of them use it as a study aid. This is because it can keep one alert for a long time. Most of the students use it as they prepare for their exams.

Ritalin Abuse

This drug can be abused in different forms. Some people crush it and snort it. Others mix it with liquids and then inject it to the body, while others mix it with illicit drugs and smoke it. Whichever the means you use to get this drug into your system, it is good to remember that it has bad effects on the body.

Depression is a side effect that is common among the users. This drug is known to make one have euphoric feelings. These feelings are, however, short lived. As they dwindle, one will experience depression. This is because the body will be longing for more of this drug. It is a side effect that is also experienced when someone who has been using this drug for a long time attempts to quit. Depression is what makes many abusers opt to continue using the drug.

Nervousness is another effect that one will experience when taking this drug. It is as a result of withdrawing from the use of Ritalin. When one stops using this drug, the individual will no longer be energized. This is what will make the user nervous.

The use of Ritalin can lead to appetite loss. It is a drug that has a bad smell; put simply, this is what will make one lose their appetite. It is also very possible for the user to concentrate so much on looking for the drug to forget about food. Their top priority is getting the drug.

Job loss, dropping out of school and ditching responsibilities are other side effects of this drug. Many people who have been addicted to this drug find it hard to concentrate on their daily undertakings. They find it hard to cope with daily chores because their minds are centered on this drug.

Nausea, dizziness and headache are other effects Ritalin users will experience. These are side effects that will be felt immediately after use or when one stops using the drug abruptly. This drug can be so addictive that giving it up may become overwhelming.

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