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Ritalin is the most frequently prescribed stimulant drug used for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder, also known as ADD. This is a strong stimulant that is very addictive, especially when used in large doses for a long time. Despite the fact that this drug can be beneficial, controversy is rising regarding how it is used. Many people have used this drug in an improper way, which leads to abuse. This is one of the prescription drugs that are commonly abused by many people. This is so mainly because it has the stimulating effects, which makes many people addicted to this drug.

Just like any other addictive drug, the main symptom of Ritalin abuse is consistent increase of the dose one takes. The use of this drug makes the body develop a tolerance to this drug. This is what makes it yearn for more of this drug. The body’s craving to have more of this drug before the user experiences a pleasurable feeling is a sign that this drug is being abused. When it reaches this stage, the user may start experiencing side effects.

Ritalin Abuse Signs

The experience of withdrawal symptoms, especially when one stops using this drug for some time, is a major sign of abuse. This means that the body can no longer operate without this drug. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms is a sign that the drug has been used against its primary uses. One of the common side effects is depression. This is what will make the user long for more of this drug.

Statistics have shown that the use of Ritalin can be addictive. Addiction is as a result of Ritalin abuse. Using this drug against the doctor’s prescription can be harmful to the body. It gives the body unwarranted stimulation effects. This is what makes the users feel like they are in their own world, living a stress free life. It is estimated that 3% of youths have abused this drug at some point in their life because it is commonly used by adolescents. One reason for this large number is that this drug is easy to acquire and is relatively inexpensive.

The faking of reasons or excuses to get this drug is a clear indication of abuse. This is a drug that is common in colleges, where students use it as a way of keeping them alert to study for their exams. It is used in high school and tertiary colleges as a study aid as well, especially when exam time approaches. Those who cannot afford to buy it have always relied on fake excuses to get prescription.

Ritalin is a drug that is mixed with other illicit drugs. This is one of the many ways of abusing the drug. Most of the users will mix it with cocaine and snort it through the nose. It can also be smoked with marijuana. Other daring abusers mix it with liquids and inject it into the body.

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