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Ritalin is a prescription drug that is specifically manufactured to help people with ADD or ADHD, disorders where they are unable to concentrate and focus on what they need to do. The use of this drug legally has no harmful effects on the body. Long-term use of Ritalin can have negative effects on the body. If you try to stop using this drug, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms tend to be severe in patients who have used this drug for a long period of time.

The potential symptoms of Ritalin withdrawal can include increased heart rhythm, fatigue and depression. Ritalin is a prescription drug that is primarily used to treat ADD or ADHD. This is a legally licensed drug that can be very addictive if used for non-medical reasons. Many people, especially the youths who are in college using this drug as a study aid, use this drug in different forms. Some of them smoke it, while others snort it, and still, others mix it with liquids and inject it to their blood stream.

Ritalin Abuse Withdrawal

When one stops using this drug for any given amount of time, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. To battle these symptoms effectively, an individual needs to be strong. Some of these symptoms can be severe; hence, the addict will be tempted to go back to abusing Ritalin. The addict needs to be determined and dedicated to overcome these urges. Depression is just one of the withdrawal symptoms that can make the addict yearn for more of this drug.

People who have quit using this drug can experience extreme fatigue. Many people who have been using Ritalin as stimuli will experience fatigue when they quit. This is because the body is used to get stimulation from the drug. When it is not in the body, the addict will feel weak and tired. This person will need this drug to get the energy back in their body.

Another withdrawal symptom is depression. This is one symptom that makes people feel like not quitting the use of this drug. Many people who have used this drug for long often find it hard to quit. If they do, they face the challenge of depression. In severe cases, this depression can make people contemplate suicide. It is something that needs determination to cope with properly.

A change in heart rhythm is another symptom that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Ritalin withdrawal can be life threatening. It is an uncomfortable process that needs one to be strong to cope with the many obstacles facing them. Many people fear the pangs of withdrawal; hence, they opt to start taking the drug again to have the feelings they used to enjoy. If pregnant mothers take this drug, their babies will have withdrawal symptoms after birth. This is why they need to consult healthcare providers about the use of this drug in order to protect the unborn child. It is recommended that anti-depressant medication be administered to help curb the withdrawal symptoms. These medications will equip your body with the necessary tools for battling Ritalin abuse withdrawal symptoms.

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